Our 43″ digital poster will have a high return on your investment.

One of the biggest benefits of our digital smart signs are that they are high visibility, delivering your marketing message at eye level.  They are accessible to customers and can quickly provide information.  The ability to speak directly to a brand representative about any issues the customer might be having drives loyalty, trust, and connection and, as a result, improves the overall buying experience.

The primary purpose of a retail digital signage is to engage customers and handle inquiries. Being that some questions are unrelated to staff, a load can be taken off the backs of your sales team, and they’ll be more able to focus on their actual sales. Not only does this make their job easier and thus increase their morale, but they’ll likely see an increase in overall revenue resulting in staff benefits.

It is easy to see that digital signage is likely the future of the shopping world. Not only can they increase visibility, brand awareness, customer satisfaction and business efficiency, but they can also, and most importantly, drive revenue and business growth; arguably being one of the most cost-efficient ways of going about it.

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LCD screen parameters
Screen size
32 inch
43 inch
49 inch
55 inch
Screen resolution
1920*1080 Optional 3840*2160
Pixel distance
0.4902*0.4902 mm
Network model (Android 5.1)
Audio video format
support MPEG1、MPEG2、MPEG4、H.264、WMV、MKV、TS、flv mainstream video format ;Support MP3 and other audio formats;support JPG、JPEG、BMP、PNG、GIF…photo format
Power port
DC 12V *1; PH socket 4 pin @ 2.0mm (reserve) *1
Video output
LVDS 30 Pin 2.0mm Double row needle , drive liquidcrystal display directly 50/50Hz,support 8bit *1
Audio out
2 pin 2.0mm Socket,stereophonic CLASS-DOUTAF,Direct drive 2*8W/8Ω speaker*1
USB Interface
Backlight interface
6 pin 2.0mm Socket *1
Infrared interface
6 pin 2.0mm Socket,Support red and green LED indicator light *1
Network Interface
100M Ethernet *1;WiFi(802.11b/g/n) *1
System upgrade
Support USB/T card/network upgrade
Android 5.1,Android7.1,J1900, i3, i5, i7,etc.


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